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Indonesian, currently residing in Tokyo, Japan. Fans of Arashi, especially Matsumoto Jun! ♥


VS arashi  next turn

So, that nino’s holding camera is actually for VS arashi, not Shiyagare! So, what will we have for Shiyagare? I’m exicted to know too!! :D

Anyway can’t wait for all the documentary programs, NHK, vs Arashi, and i hope Shiyagare too :D


5x15: From One Fan To Another


Have you ever tried explaining to someone how loving Arashi feels like?

It feels impossible, right? You can try, but unless they fall in headfirst on their own, they will never understand it completely. How can they? On the surface, you’re just another…



anyone knows from what magazine are these photos?

So I can’t be 100% sure yet but maybe I can watch the live viewing in Tokyo.
The reason why I’m not sure is because I don’t have the ticket with me yet. I woke up early this morning bracing to fight with the server traffic that Arashi’s fans usually make (hahahaha) in a website of a cinema in Tokyo which still had very few tickets left.
And the connection was really great that I managed to finish all the procedure for buying a ticket, which is a bit hard to believe. So I hope there won’t be any trouble when I’m getting the ticket issued at the cinema today 😣😣😣 You know, system error might happen right?
Anyway wish me luck!!! And for all Arashics who are going to the concert in Hawaii or those who are going to the live viewing, let’s enjoy the celebration!! 😄🎉


Best group ever 

coughing nino 😅
they’re so natural ❤️


Since there are many new photos, I’m confused where were those photos sold at?

So i understand that some are from the photobook, some are the hawaii photo sets, and how about those photos with the regular arashi mark in the bottom part? are those from johnny’s shop??

Got my first ‘blu-ray’ copy of arashi’s concert last night and watched the 1st disc ❤️
I love how they made things difference in this concert! Jun really did his part by standing off the stage much more during rehearsal this time.
So far, i love intergalactic! And those choreography suited Jun really well ❤️
Sorry maybe I sound too Jun biased hahaha.

As much as I want that ‘new and unique’ packaging of the limited ed DVD, I want to watch the concert in Blu-ray quality, too! So I had to make a decision and this time I decided to buy the blu-ray one. Tight budget won’t allow me to buy both.

I hope the blu-ray quality is worth it. >.<